Love your people – Keep them safe

WhosOnLocation helps organisations manage the presence of people into and out of offices, manufacturing plants, construction sites, and other workplaces and locations in a way that is simple, smart, and secure.

If you are obligated to comply with regulations requiring you to account for who is authorised to be on-site, who is due on-site, who is on-site, and who was on-site, you need WhosOnLocation.

Our Features

Great for any size organisation; Government, Corporate, Small Business, Education, Manufacturing, Construction, High-Security, Aged-Care…


Visitor Management

Easily manage visitors, set visitor policies, issue passes, pre-register visitors, set up kiosks, report on visitor presence, receive email and sms notifications when your visitor signs in.


Contractor Management

Manage your suppliers and contractors. Control who is authorised to be on-site. Manage Insurances, qualifications, and Inductions. Track who is on-site, and where, in real-time.


Employee Attendance

Get real-time visibility of which employees are on-site and which are not. Employees can tag in and out from their own PC, MAC, laptop, or via their smartphone, card, or via reception.


Evacuation Management

Account for people in the event of an emergency. Download reports showing who is on-site. Do a roll-call from your iPad or smartphone, activate sms alerts to safety and incident teams.

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